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crossUnderstanding Needs

Any successful search depends on an in-depth understanding of our clients' exact needs. After comprehensive conversations with each client, we create a job specification that captures not only the basic skills and requirements that a candidate must meet, but - more importantly - the personal attributes that will allow him or her to thrive on the job. Together with the client, we systematically carve out the key competencies for each position by identifying critical challenges and specific scenarios that the candidate will have to master.

crossFinding the Very Best

Our many years of experience in the market have provided us with a wide network of important market participants. In addition, we enhance our pool of candidates in many cases through systematic research.

First contact with a candidate is one of the most pivotal moments for the success of a search, which is why we do not delegate this step as a matter of principle. Beyond a mere grasp of the position's requirements, this task demands an in-depth understanding of the client's business to present the candidate with a vivid picture of the client's culture as well as the position's particular opportunities and a nuanced view of its challenges. The quality of these early conversations is a decisive factor in our ability to secure the very best talent for our clients. It is crucial for us to serve as a reliable and convincing contact, especially for candidates who are at first hesitant to leave their current employer, and who require informed responses even to their most sophisticated or critical questions. Our candidates value our conscientious guidance and are thus exceptionally willing to seriously consider our proposals.

crossEvaluating Competencies

The qualities that allow the most successful managers to stand out are usually not technical skills or knowledge, but their capacity for leadership, problem solving, creativity, a willingness to innovate, and - especially - personality. In our comprehensive talks with the candidates we therefore focus not on education and résumé alone, but explore their attitudes and temperaments through examples of particular challenges in their prior positions. This provides us with a clearer understanding of how well the candidates will be able to excel at the new job, and how naturally they will fit into the client company's culture.

crossSubstantiated References

One of the crucial elements of each and every search lies in the discrete and yet thorough checking of references. We use this process to expand our own perception and are thus able to gather even less obvious context. We focus our conversations on those who have had the opportunity to evaluate the candidate's relevant personal and professional traits.

crossSuccessfully Negotiating Solutions

Negotiating the final employment agreement is a critical moment for client and candidate alike. As we are in the unique position to understand the needs and expectations on both sides, we see our role as that of an attentive mediator. Throughout the search, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the risks and opportunities the move will bring for the candidate, and a thorough appreciation for the candidate pool and the client's position in the market for talent for this particular position. We are thus in the ideal position to help both sides bring the search to a successful conclusion.

crossEach Search a Long-Term Responsibility

Our responsibility does not end with the execution of the candidate's employment agreement. We help facilitate the integration of the candidate and continue to serve as an important point of contact and support for both sides.